Michael Marszalkowski
Michael is an attorney in Buffalo, NY  who practices immigration and entertainment law.  A voracious reader and writer, Michael used to make up bedtime stories, create improv scenes and write original plays for his four children.  His influences are his parents and their incredible work ethic, his life experience of over 20,000 days, his Catholic faith, being married and being a first generation Polish-American.  He has recently accepted the fact that after numerous knee operations, he may not grow up to become a professional soccer player.

Paul Marszalkowski

After enjoying and surviving the winters in Buffalo and Fredonia, NY, Stevens Point, Wisconsin and Glasgow, Scotland, Paul decided to try something completely different.  He now lives and works in Central California as the Music Director for the Pacific Conservatory Theatre.  Paul attended Canisius High School in Buffalo, NY where he played lead trumpet in the jazz band, acted in and directed various theatrical productions, and founded a Writer's Club which is still going strong.  In his spare time, Paul enjoys reading anything he can get his hands on, watching old movies, playing the first two bars of Hanson songs and seeing who recognizes them, brainstorming epic novels that never go anywhere, putting on ridiculous accents, sitting in a hot tub and making up limericks with his younger brother, and playing frisbee.  Paul is always working on several new musical productions and compositions.

The Story of Spirit
In 2005, after attending the 191st performance of one of his kids' plays, musicals and voice or piano recitals, Mr. Marszalkowski had an idea.  "I greatly enjoy the theater", said Mr. Marsz, "and I believe that I am a fair writer.  Perhaps there is a way that I can bring these two passions together?"  Having heard this, son Paul noted: "Dad, you may have good intentions, but you sound like a lawyer from a Dickens novel.  You need help." So Paul decided to help.
Three years later... after many starts and stops, the musical began to come together.  With help from daughters Sara and Anna, the girls dialogue actually began to sound like girls talking. Then the Holy Spirit touched the project, and it changed from something Mr. Marsz and Paul wanted to do, to something that had to be done.  A 2008 workshop performance, with a talented cast, put on something special.  Hollywood director Tony Pastor, Jr. led the first staged production in 2009.  Development continued over the next 3 years and the show was completed in 2012 with several new songs and arrangements. SPIRIT has been performed 34 times to over 5,500 fans to date.