SPIRIT is set in a a co-ed Catholic High School, but it could be any school in the USA.  The students think they are alone in their struggles with their problems, with bullying, peer pressure, drugs, sex and identity.  

SARAH is a quiet girl who lost her father in her freshman year. She looked for solace in her faith and found a way to go on living and doing her best to help and pray for some guidance to come to her classmates.  Sarah was helped along in her healing journey by FR. FRANK, a wise, compassionate teacher whom all respect and admire.

Sarah’s friends DEAN and KATIE are as deeply in love as any high school sweethearts can be.  Katie is an overachiever, well on her way to a prestigious college, but the stress she puts herself under makes her feel out of control.  Dean is a laid-back musician who seems to be the only one who can make Katie slow down and enjoy her life, but Dean is facing his own troubles in dealing with peer pressure to prove that he is a real man. 
At the center of all attention is LISA, the queen of the popular girls.  She’s a master manipulator - she can convince you she’s your best friend, or, when needed, bring out razor claws to cut down any opposition.  Lisa offers every temptation that Fr. Frank warns about.  Katie's best friend, EMILY, is torn between loyalty to her friend and the desire for popularity.  Emily is also uncertain about her growing attraction to JAKE.
JAKE is the big man on campus (and Lisa’s ex-boyfriend).  While he appears to have everything (money, good looks, star athlete), his parents are so caught up in their image and success that they treat Jake as just another prize possession.  His unhappiness results in a severe attitude problem, and he is constantly belittling others, especially his old friend ANDREW, a theater kid whose love of acting and apparent disinterest in the girls gives Jake and his jock goons the perfect avenue to mock and harass.
Far from all these others is DANIEL, a troubled teenager who will try anything to block out a lonely, depressing home life: a father who ran out on him, a mother constantly in abusive relationships, and a void in his heart filled with anger at a God that could have dealt him such a lousy hand.
SPIRIT is the story of these teenagers and the choices and temptations they face every day.  Join them on their journey from pain to hope.